Swiss-Attixs Hospitality Group (SAHG), established by the Scion of Al-Rajhi Family, a leader in banking and financial services in the Middle East, is a global leader in hospitality entity’s development that addresses the critical issues of today and tomorrow; high-end hospitality development and management services with a holistic twist of delivering enjoyable and memorable experiences.

SAHG is created to deliver a better hospitality world, a transformative step to maximize long-term value in global proportions; it is engendered to visualize the design, build, structure the finances where required, and induct strong financial return profile to operate hospitality assets.

A process that lifts the developer spirits with brilliant solutions for places and spaces, from vision to reality; evolving, as it were, an uncut diamond to world-class hospitality asset; always engaging from the early development stages, SAHG as a lead development partner, with pro-active deliverables that maximize long-term value to any hospitality asset, project, intent or structure; so true to their surroundings that they could build nowhere else; and as such leaving, a living, breathing, awe-inspiring legacy.