SAHG understands the importance of developing meaningful conceptual plans, and assigning a team of professionals uniquely suited to each project-function-structure to ensure that all critical elements are considered in the planning stage with a combination of outsourcing and its own in-house departments.

By working together with the world’s best professionals, SAHG always delivers beyond the expectations. With its vision and experience, SAHG frames the identity and profile of a property and its developmental progress from the stakeholders’ point of view.

When SAHG takes over, it outperforms its competitors in setting standards and core competencies, creates new niche markets, or minimizes its clients’ risks with regard to design, quality, costs and maximize returns for its clients, investors or partners.


SAHG creates the elements that not only increase the value and quality of a property, but its commercial success and profitability as well; developing, positioning, engaging in the framework of a given location and making it an oft-visited destination asset.

In the cycle of development, SAHG will act as the client’s representative on a project and provide a full turnkey service to the client from concept to completion. This includes the seeking out of suitable professionals, appointment and supervision of the functional teams and the selection and appointment of contractors; inter alia, this may include:

  • Conceptualizing the overall design vision of the project in consultation with the client / financier / operator
  • Preparing and updating feasibility studies
  • Assembling, appointing and managing the entire professional team
  • Establishing the overall architectural and interior design intent and concept
  • Establishing the overall development programme
  • Project and Financial Analysis
  • Managing, coordinating and expediting the entire design process,tender procedure and construction contracts


When it plans, designs, and develops ideas into concepts, SAHG not only concentrates on what people expect from their new home or a working place, but especially on the successful marketing of the property in order to guarantee its commercial success.

Our key markets include hotels and resorts, residential, as well as an amusement park, malls, shop houses, and retail space. In each of these areas, SAHG assures that every aspect of the client’s project will receive the highest level of design expertise and project management to guarantee its total success.


Each and every hospitality property and project is always unique. SAHG’s main marketing objective therefore is to create a unique identity that will contribute to the total success of its clients’ marketing and sales programme. It believes in customizing its marketing design approach according to the specific needs of the project and its client. However, tailor-made strong building blocks of SAHG marketing and sales impart clients’ success may include:

  • Identifying, developing and implementation of the appropriate sales and marketing activities with a view to the future
  • Supervision and recording of marketing campaigns and their efficiency and cost
  • Use of communication media of an acknowledged prestige at the local, national and international level
  • Set up of all other sales channels including project sales office and mock-up structures
  • Leverage SAHG’s effective sales network, which is based on partnerships with the best sales agents locally, regionally and internationally
  • Profitability optimization throughout the sales phases (pre-launch, soft launch, official launch and post-launch)
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance


SAHG may seek, on behalf of the project, and its promoter, structured investment funding provision; its financial funding and structuring arrangements will be managed by its associate arm – Al-Rajhi Capital and Finance S.A. (ACF) – and will follow international standards and the evaluation of a given DPRs.

With ACF as a partner in the client’s capital rising and investment decisions, SAHG makes sure that success is not a matter of chance but rather the product of intelligent financial strategy.

In such a context ACF weighs all options commencing from assessment of financial needs to various structured financing means and methods in hospitality-related real estate sector, such as pre-sale propositions, lease-back arrangements, shareholding concepts, debt-loan components, investment marketing, etc. The options may include:

  • Identifying potential transaction opportunities
  • Evaluating and recommending financial and strategic alternatives
  • Advising and assisting with negotiation and valuation issues
  • Identifying and launching structured financial solutions on behalf of the project and developer

In any financial decision and option, SAHG / ACF strike as their aim to minimize risk, maximize benefits and improve returns for all the stakeholders.